Many people use the words stun-gun and tasers® interchangeably; however, these are different types of self-protection devices. The effective range is the main difference in this scenario. A stun-gun enables you to push someone away at a close range. The x26 tasers® or other model of tasers® enable you to fight off an attacker who is present a few feet away from you. Therefore, both devices can be used for self-defense, however, in difference scenarios.

Main Differences between Stun-Gun & Taser®

  1. Closeness to Perpetrator

Stun-guns and tasers® are both used to ward off an attacker or perpetrator.

  1. Ease of Use

The tasers® have to be aimed properly at a perpetrator in order to be effective. There is no such requirement for stun-guns. However, the stun guns are used at a close range with a person. In this scenario, a perpetrator may overpower the person holding stun-gun.

  1. Size

The tasers® and stun-guns are small handheld devices used for self-defense. However, the new or pre-owned X26 taser® guns are larger and heavier than stun-guns. Some stun-guns can be carried inside a pocket whereas you need at least a small side-bag to carry the tasers®.

The use of taser® gun and stun guns has both benefits and drawbacks. The basic fact is that both of these items can keep you safe in dangerous situations. Choose whichever is legal in your state and makes you feel the most comfortable.

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