The M26 taser® and X26 tasers® are two commonly used models of taser® guns by the law enforcement agencies. These models work following the similar principle. However, the X26 model is 60% smaller than the M26 model and the incapacitating effect of the X26 model is 5% higher than the M26 model. A taser® gun is often used by the officers of the law enforcement agencies in order to incapacitate a perpetrator if he/she threatens the safety of an officer or other people. The M26 and X26 models both work in the following manner.

How Law Enforcement Officers Use Taser® Guns

A law-enforcement officer may use a new or used taser® gun in two different modes.

Guidelines for Taser® Use

A taser® gun can be used for self-defense and can be purchased through taser® gun online shops or conventional shops.
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